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Hi there!

I’ve decided to start this blog, after much hemming and hawing, to both track my progress in my (fairly) new hobby of sewing and dressmaking and to try to keep myself true to my sewing goals (if I’ve put it out to the blogosphere it has to happen, right?). I’ve been sewing for almost a year, and tend to go through spurts of extreme productiveness and periods of doing nothing but staring dolefully at my sewing machine as if it’s telling me I’m lazy…

I’ve found that I have a definite pattern crush on one particular garment that I’ve now sewn up four times – Gertie’s Gathered Skirt, the tutorial of which I found here one night when I was considering breaking out the sewing machine for more than just hemming pants.

Each skirt is different, and I love them all for different reasons.  The floral version is the first item of clothing I ever made, and the polka-dotted version I whipped up in about 40 minutes one morning before attending a Christmas party (it was so awesome, by the way, to be able to say when complimented on it “Oh thanks – I made it this morning!” Show off?  Me?  Nah…).


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