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What to do, what to do?

I haven’t sewn any clothing for quite a while so to try to get my sewing mojo back I looked through some of my patterns to get some inspiration.  It’s Autumn here in Australia now, so the weather’s getting cooler, and I thought I should look at some season-appropriate patterns (i.e. anything with sleeves).  These are what I came up with as some potential next projects:

I love the skirt with the frilly hem, but I would never wear anything like this unless it was a costume, but the one I want to make is view B with the pleats at the back.  I have the perfect fabric too…I just hope I have enough!

I’ve never made a jacket before, but this pattern seems pretty simple.  I like the styling of view B, but adore the bow on the back of view A – maybe I’ll add a bow to back of view B…if I ever make it!

When I opened this pattern to check the sizing I found that it had never been used, and had the cutest little pamphlet inside for Beutron Buttons…

I mentioned that I hadn’t sewn any clothing for a while, but I did use a newly learned skill to make a small quilt for a one year old boy.  I taught myself embroidery after purchasing Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching.  It contains the coolest embroidery patterns you’ve seen.  I decided the space themed patterns were too awesome to not use, so I made the little man a space themed quilt.


Big rocket

Tiny little rocket

Space ship with its alien pilot (the alien is hard to see but he's there!)


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