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Barry’s Buttons

Over the weekend I visited with my in-laws and I finally got to experience the awesomeness known as ‘Barry’s Buttons’ (must be said in hushed awe).  For years, more so since I started sewing, I’ve been hearing about my father-in-law’s amazing button collection which I found out started when he found a box chock-full of cards of vintage buttons – hundreds and hundreds of beautiful buttons – in an op shop about 30 years ago and bought the lot for $5.  $5 for so many buttons!  One of those buttons alone would go for $5 these days!  The collection has been raided over the years but he still has many, including lots of still intact cards.

A little while ago Barry saw some brooches in a shop made from buttons and went through his collection putting different combinations together for some brooches of his own.

We glued them together…

and now we all have lovely, one-of-a-kind ‘Barry’s Buttons’ brooches.


Oh – I also finished sewing a vintage skirt, which I’ll post about when I can be bothered getting properly dressed for a photo


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  1. Barry really loves the blog………..


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