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Seats in the upright position, please!

It was a nice sunny day today, so I decided to take some pics to show off a few of my favourite self-sewn items.

First up, the skirt I finished last week.

Aside from the fact I look like an air hostess in this photo due, in no small part, to the scarf (which I’m wearing because of a stain on my shirt), I nearly didn’t use this pic because of the expression on my face.  But, I’m pretty sure I look like this most of the time in real life so I decided to go with it.

The pleats make this skirt awesome

I used a lovely cotton with a diagonal pattern that I bought as a remnant from Tessuti in Melbourne, which makes this (even buying a remnant) the most expensive thing I’ve sewn.  I was more than a bit nervous cutting into this, but it turned out fine, and I have some fabric left over…even after having to cut the pleated section twice due to my unthinking silliness.

Next up is what I call my candy-striper dress:

You can’t really tell but the dress has red stripes

I made this dress from red and white striped seersucker which means…no ironing!  I love seersucker.  When I first finished it, it didn’t fit me well at all and it made me sad and I hung the dress in my wardrobe in a sulk.  But a few weeks later I checked it out again and realised that if I shortened the shoulder straps it would fit me okay…this is my cheeky fix:

Overall, I’m a pretty lazy stitcher, and if there’s a sneaky, quick way to fix or do something then I’ll take it.  I just doubled over some of the strap and then whacked some buttons on top to make it look like part of the dress design.  No one’s called me out on it, so I think I got away with it!

Last up, another red striped dress.

with Matilda

This pattern is from 1959.  I love that vintage patterns still hold their own today and can actually look quite modern.  The belt I’m wearing, by the way, I made from Tilly’s Bow-Belt Tutorial.  I love the belt, it was so easy to make and I wear it all the time.


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