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I received an invitation in the mail the other day to my grandparent’s 60th Wedding Anniversary celebration.  Can you imagine being married for 60 years?!  It’s pretty incredible.  Here they are on that happy day almost 60 years ago:

So, I decided that since I’ll be in the midst of Me-Made-May* during the celebration, I should make myself something special to wear.  Then I decided since I was going to make something special, why not make something that’s a celebration of the 60 year milestone.  Something from 1951, to be exact.  So I hastily got out my box of patterns, trawled through them, and found four from that year. 


McCalls 9028


McCalls 8901


McCalls 8509


McCalls 9040

Whilst I love the Tinkerbell-iness of the third pattern, it’s not appropriate for a luncheon in Benalla, and as it’s going to be in May with the cooler weather the second one won’t quite do.  The shirts in the first pattern are awesome, and will definitely be getting a run at some stage but I’ve decided to go with the last pattern.  It looks a lot more complicated than anything else I’ve ever sewn, and I’m working on a quite tight deadline but luckily we’ve the Easter break coming up, so I can dedicate a bit of time to it.  It also means I’ll probably have to go fabric shopping (!), as the pattern calls for between 2.7 to 4.6 metres of fabric…and I don’t have much in my stash with that kind of yardage.

*Sewists undertake to wear at least one self-made item each day for the whole month.  Some incredibly talented people even pledge to wear entire self-made outfits for the month!


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