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Though I already have heaps of patterns that I’ve barely looked at let alone made, I won an eBay auction for 42 vintage patterns a couple of weeks ago.  They arrived in the mail from the U.S. today, and I’ve already spent a couple of hours poring over them.  These are my favourites:

Simplicity 2838

This pattern fancies up a pretty plain, simple dress (only two pattern pieces excluding facings) by giving you the option of adding bows, collars, belts or a sash – all detachable.  Five dresses for little more effort than one! 

McCall's 5784

These dresses are just pretty…enough said.

Simplicity 2758

I love the interesting collar/top of the bodice/whatever you call that area on this dress.  And while I don’t usually go for longer sleeves on dresses, I think I could really get into these ones.

Simplicity 3790

I like these boleros but what I really love about this pattern is how the ladies on the envelope seem to have some sort of concave spine condition – what is with that?

Simplicity 3354

This is a really simple dress, and I probably have quite a few very similar to this in my collection already (actually, I think I received even more in my new collection) but I love how on the pattern envelope they’ve broken the dress into the three colours.  My favourite colour combination to wear is red, blue and white and I’m going to shamelessly rip this idea off when I make up this dress.

Simplicity 4918

Another pattern envelope illustration that I’m going to rip off.  The use of a border pattern fabric to create the band of colour in the middle – love it!

New York 679

The scallops.  The 1940s styling. The long-ish sleeves that I don’t hate.  This is going onto my “to make” list immediately.

Unfortunately, my sewing machine is sick.  So sick, that I can no longer bear to use it – at least without ear plugs.  It makes a really horrible screechy, squealing noise and is sewing very roughly.  I was going to take it to be serviced, but found it would cost 2/3 of the actual cost of the machine to service, so I’ve decided to buy a new one.  I’m sad that my trusty, first sewing machine is no longer, but so happy that I get to buy a new one!  My only problem now is deciding which one to purchase.  My current machine is a really simple, basic machine, that pretty much only does straight and zig-zag stitches.  It’s served me well and I haven’t yet found anything that I haven’t been able to do on it, but am excited – and confused – about the possibilities with a new machine.


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  1. I love all your pretty patterns! particularly the top one. such a nice practical idea. 5 dresses for the effort of one. I have seen this sort of thing before and I’d love to make something like this.


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