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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Perfect weekends

I haven’t blogged in what feels like ages, but I’ve been really enjoying my weekends.  There hasn’t been a lot of sewing related action, but lots of rest and relaxation.

The following pics pretty much sum up my last few weekends…

Reading in the Winter sunshine

Drinking tea in the cold evenings

Baking chocolate cupcakes and drinking red wine

Hanging out with my awesomely gorgeous dog, Matilda

Having friends visit and bring pretty flowers (thanks to Bonnie for the flowers and Dajarra for the photo!)


In sewing related news, however, I started to make a dress from some beautiful fabric I bought on my summer holiday in India. The fabric is an amazingly soft, and vibrantly coloured brocade-type cloth – but it is very prone to fraying…grrr… So, I used this as an excuse to finally face my overlocker-phobia and spent a little while giving it a go – it was amazingly easy, and not nearly as scary as I thought.  Mind you, the fact that it cuts fabric as it stitches still scares the blimey out of me a bit, and I haven’t had to thread it yet (my grandmother mercifully left it threaded when she gave it to me) but I love it!  It works an absolute treat!  I’m sure I’ll change my mind about it when I have to rethread the bugger, but for now…it’s love!

Mad overlocking skillz

I’m looking forward to finishing the dress, and now I’ve conquered the overlocker and solved the issue of the horribly frayed fabric, I should hopefully be able to show you the end result by the end of the week.