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We’re off to see the wizard…

In a fashion very typical of me, I finished my dress for the ball at almost the very last moment…at 11pm last night!  As detailed in my last post it was made from pattern Simplicity 4744.  Here’s a reminder:

Simplicity 4744

Here’s my finished version:

Emerald green finished product

This version entailed many sewing ‘firsts’ for me: lining, corded piping, bias tape (for the piping) and a swishy little fancy part (the tie at the back).  To my absolute surprise I managed to pull all these new techniques without a hitch!

The lining was my favourite part.  While I was a little nervous about this, the method I used was so easy, worked so well and was like a magic trick!  I’ll definitely be using this technique heaps in the future.  This is what the bodice looked like halfway through the lining process:


But despite my doubts, it worked like a charm:

Lining = success!

Clean and neat arm scythes

And take a look at the piping.  I was really worried about being able to sew the skirt close enough to the piping, but it turned out to be very easy with my trusty zipper foot.  I’m now in love with piping and can’t wait to use it for another project.

Perfect piping

And my favourite detail of all: the back tie…

Tres elegant

I managed to complete all these new techniques without a single mistake, but when I was close to finishing up the dress, I decided to overlock some of the side seams and disaster struck!  The overlocker munched a part of the front skirt and a dirty great big hole was the result.  I could have cried… Luckily I’m paranoid when buying fabric, and  had enough extra to remake the front skirt.

And now, I’m off to swan around in my new creation at the ball…

UPDATE: as requested, here are some pics of me in the dress.  I apologise for the ‘me’ part of the photos…I was just about to pop my pyjamas on after getting home from work.

Back tie

Emerald city, here I come! (well...maybe tomorrow)


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  1. Really beautiful. Can we see some photos of you wearing it?

  2. This looks wonderful! great job. I love the tie back detail and the piping looks great.

  3. That is a beautiful dress you made. Well done! Such a great color and style. Fab!

  4. Lovely – particularly like the piping. Great job!

  5. I did you sew on the lining?

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