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Self-Stitched September: 2

Here’s the second roundup of my Self-Stitched September adventure:

Day 7

Day 7 saw me both posing awkwardly and wearing this skirt with the lovely pleated bit at the back.  It’s made from McCall’s 3482 from 1953 and can be seen in more detail here.

Day 8

Day 8 I wore my polka-dotted version of the gathered skirt I’m so fond of making.  I’d be in major trouble with SSS if I hadn’t gone through my slight obsessive stage with these skirts.  I paired it with my red bow belt, the tutorial for which is thanks to Tilly, and as the skirt is thanks to Gertie’s tutorial, I’ll call this outfit my homage to some of my favourite sewing bloggers.

Day 9

Day 9 sees me in a different location for the photo due to the fact our house cleaner was due and I didn’t want her to think me a vain twat who takes photos of herself before work.  This day was a cold and rainy Melbourne day: one of those days you just don’t want to dress, so I just pulled this dress (one of my early creations) out of the wardrobe and threw a cardigan on over the top.  I’m holding a mirror ball and looking puzzled because even that dazzling addition didn’t make the outfit more interesting.  Much to my surprise, however, I did receive a couple of compliments on my dress at work, so maybe it’s not as boring as I first thought… The dress, by the way, is Butterick 4945, which my sleuthing tells me is from around 1968.

Day 10

Day 10 is another shameful pyjama day.  I was almost knocked unconscious by a clock (yes, a clock!) falling on my head the previous day at work, and as a consequence had a giant headache and felt generally bleh all day.  I made these pyjamas for Dajarra, but steal them on a regular basis as they’re so comfy (and stylish!).  Though I’ve tried, I’ve never been able to replicate the fit (even using these ones as a guide) and general awesomeness.

Day 11

Day 11 I looked like this.  I say “looked like” because, I’ll admit it, I forgot to take a photo of myself and had to cheat recreate the day’s outfit.  Not that it’s at all exciting, or probably worth recreating…but, here we are.  The pattern for the shirt is from the BurdaStyle website, and is called the Port Elizabeth top.  It’s nice and easy to make and best of all, the pattern is free!

Day 11

Day 11 is another boring outfit (I made the red pencil skirt – from McCall’s 5936, 1961), but the day was made more exciting with the addition of something else I made – mini-lemon tarts.  The one that made the photo above was my breakfast on day 11…that’s why I look hunched up and guilty in the pic.  Well, that’s my excuse, anyway!

Day 12

Day 12’s my first ever gathered skirt and actual wearable, non-costumey clothing I ever made.  That’s all I can say about this outfit, pretty much.  I love this skirt, even though the zipper’s a bit wonky, and there are some other rookie sewing issues, but I think that because it’s the first ‘proper’ thing I made, it holds a special place in my heart.


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  1. Love the blog Kris. Keep em coming!


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