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New (sort of) Chairs

Just some quick pics of some dining chairs I recently updated to go with our brand-spanking new house.

The fabric was bought on our most recent trip to Ikea, and the dining set was one we inherited from my parents quite a few years ago.  I forgot to take a ‘before’ photo, but picture these chairs with red wine and food stained white fabric (we’re the grots – not Mum), and you get the idea.  They were nice, but a bit mumsy…and dirty.

The chairs were really easy to recover – and no sewing required!  A sturdy staple gun, a screw driver and scissors were the only tools required.

The orange fabric’s my favourite.  In fact, even though I’m not usually fond of orange, I could easily cover all the chairs with this fabric and live quite happily.

I also made a couch cushion from this awesome vintage-styled fabric, and an off-cut from a curtain I had to hem.  I also – shockingly – did my first buttonhole with my new machine.  Until I actually attached the buttonhole foot, I hadn’t realised I hadn’t used its buttonholing function yet.  I am in love – it was so, so easy and check out the buttonhole below (if you can actually see it – photo isn’t the best)!  It is perfect!

The cushion really brightens up the black chair, and every time I look at it I can pretend I’m camping on a gorgeous river somewhere in a retro caravan!


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