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My secret shame

Like a lot of crafters (I can’t be the only one, surely?) I knew I had a few unfinished objects (UFOs) around the house, but until we packed up our last house in order to move, I didn’t realise just how many I actually had…

This is just one box…I have a few more stashed in another box because they wouldn’t all fit in this one, so there’re quite a few sad looking half (or not even) finished garments just waiting to be either put out of their misery or brought back to life.  The UFOs became that way for a variety of reasons: fit issues, loss of interest, shunted aside in favour of a new, more exciting project and possibly some other small reasons as well.  I am determined to get my pile of UFOs under control and have pledged to assess and either toss impossible, awful, unfixable garments (recycling the fabric into another project, of course!) or fix, re-fit and finish those that I can salvage.  For each new project I begin, I have to eliminate at least one UFO from my pile.

In the interest of beginning on the right foot I decided to tackle an UFO before beginning anything new.  This is my first:

As you can see (or perhaps not?) it’s miles too big.  I’m not sure how this happened…I don’t strictly remember because it was so long ago, but I’m sure I would have measured, double checked everything, and I certainly haven’t lost any weight since I started this.  Because the fabric came from my trip to India last year, and is so, so lovely, I would have been extra sure that everything would have been okay…something – obviously – went very, very wrong.  Alright I’m over my little rant.  This is what it’s supposed to look like:

Butterick 4623

In addition to the huge (no pun intended) sizing issues, I also had not finished sewing the sleeves…

…taking the tacking out of the zipper…

…or started hemming the little blighter (no photograph required)…

The major issues with getting this into the wardrobe clearly begin with sorting out what the heck went wrong with the sizing and how the heck to fix it without hacking the gorgeous fabric to pieces.

Ugh!  Wish me luck!


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