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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Bits and pieces

So, once again it’s been forever since I posted and while I’ve been a little slack in the crafty realm, it hasn’t been complete slackness.  I’ve made a few gifts for some little people in my life.  Some friends recently had a baby girl and I really wanted to make her a small gift.  This turned into a sort of gift-making domino effect (as you’ll soon see).  I decided to make some gorgeous little shoes from Pip Lincolne’s book, Meet Me At Mikes.

I was given this book a couple of years ago, when I was just a fledgling sewist.  I love the little projects in the book and I’ve made quite a lot of them.  They’re not difficult and the instructions are very simple and clear and include really important steps such as ‘make yourself a cup of tea’ which I really appreciate and believe are necessary.  Pip also has a great blog – you should check it out.  Anyway, enough gushing – onto the shoes!

Aren’t they gorgeous and tiny?!

Once I’d completed the shoes, I realised that baby girl’s brother was about to turn two (domino effect begins) and I couldn’t post a gift to the new addition without a birthday gift for the little man, so I made him a mini pair of pyjama pants.

While the fabric part of this project was taken care of (leftovers from PJ pants for Dajarra a while ago) I had no pattern and no idea how small two year old children are.  Luckily I work with someone who has a two year old boy of their own and I asked to borrow a pair of his pyjama pants to make a pattern.  I couldn’t very well borrow his pants to make another boy some pants without making him some of his own, so enter the final part of the domino effect.  Pyjama pants #2.

I love this fabric – retro computer critters (I have no idea what they’re really called…or if they even have a name).  For some reason, while I can usually take-or-leave small children, I really love making things for them.

Onto project(s) #2.  I recently taught myself to crochet.  We’re travelling for a few months later on in the year and I couldn’t bear the thought of being craft-free while travelling, and while I can’t haul my sewing machine around Europe, I knew there would be something out there that would satisfy my crafty needs.  My  mind turned to crochet.  I became a little bit obsessed, even if my first attempts weren’t always successful.  Check these babies out:

They were supposed to be the beginnings to granny squares, but my counting always seemed off (Dajarra has helpfully suggested they could be crocheted nipple tassels…).  I couldn’t figure out how as I can usually successfully count within the single figures and it turns out I just wasn’t pulling them out enough – you can be rough with yarn!  Anyway, I finally got my head around it and have started a granny square blanket.

How ’70s is it looking?!  I have no idea to what purpose I’ll put it to, but I’m enjoying the process and crocheting these squares is a really lovely way to relax in front of the telly before heading to bed for the evening.  My new found love of crocheting led to my next ‘me-made’ gift; a scarf for a dear friend.  After scouring YouTube for someone who could teach me (via pre-recorded video) how to make a lovely scarf I found The Stingy Stitcher‘s Infinity Scarf.  It’s a great stitch and very easy to do once you get going.

I’m a bit of a slow learner, so after a few false starts (great thing about crocheting is that if you mess up you can easily pull it out again, unlike sewing where hours of getting-to-know-you time with a seam ripper is usually in order) I finally got on a roll and finished it up this week.

And here’s the always gorgeous Dajarra modelling it for us:

I usually don’t post gifts on here until they’ve been received, but I know she won’t read this so it’s okay this time around.  I hope she likes it!

And, finally, the dreaded pink dress I posted about last time.  I stated that I wouldn’t start a new project until I’d fixed it – I still haven’t finished it, but I keep telling myself that I haven’t cheated in my pledge to myself because I haven’t sewn any new items for myself.  That’s totally not cheating, right?  Right?  Anyway, I finally got sick of not being able to make any more new stuff for me, so after a few unsuccessful attempts at fixing it easily, I’ve come up with a new tack and should (hopefully) have the new and improved dress ready to show you soon.