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With Glamour and the Woman’s Budget

That is the tagline for Woman Magazine from 1953…could almost be the the tagline for any ‘woman’s interest’ magazine from today – apparently, not much changes (except women’s body shape but more about that another day!).  Anyway, this is a magazine I picked up on a recent trip to Daylesford and a huge vintage warehouse-type place called The Mill Markets – if you’re in the area, and love vintage you should check it out.  There’s a huge variety of items available from jewellery and clothing, to furniture and porcelain – and many others besides. 

I thought some of you might be interested in the contents of the magazine.  I’ll start you off with some drool-worthy dresses.

Let me know if you need the goss on Ava Gardner's life story, okay?

I love this dreamy dress – I might need to make myself one for next Spring.  It’s the perfect Spring sun-dress for floating around gardens in, don’t you think?

I want them all!

How brilliant is this collection of dresses?  I think I could use at least one of each in my wardrobe.  I particularly like the purple dress on the right.

Colourful Seersuckers, indeed!

I really wish I could find seersucker as colourful as this nowadays.  I reckon I’d rock the green version!

Well, that’s enough staring dolefully at dresses for me for now – time to go and make some of my own.  I’ve a few more gems from the magazine to share soon, so keep an eye out if you’re keen to see more.


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