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Let me see your sushi roll*

While trawling through the interwebs a while back I came across the most genius idea for a scarf ever.  Ever!  A sushi roll scarf.  Of course I immediately wanted to make it and got to thinking who I could make it for.  My sister-in-law came to mind because; a) she would really appreciate something kitschy like this, and b) her birthday was coming up.  This is how my sushi roll scarf came to be.

Sushi roll


Sushi roll


How awesome is it?  I love it, and it was a big hit on the weekend when I gave it to the birthday girl.  It ends up being a very long scarf, but this is apparently a handy tool in the cooler months when trying to lure an attractive lad or lass into your proximity, or so the young people tell me…

I love the scarf, and am trying to think of other cool, cylindrical items that would be great in scarf form – I’m yet to come up with anything so if you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.  If you’d like a sushi scarf to call your own, I found the pattern here.

*To be sung to the tune of Let Me See Your Tootsie Roll by the 69 Boyz.  Every time I worked on this scarf I had this infernal song in my head, just with the word ‘sushi’ instead of ‘tootsie’.  Hopefully now you’re in the same hell I’ve been in for weeks.


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