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Photo update

A while Ages ago I posted about a finished project with the promise for a picture of me actually wearing the dress. I finally got around to wearing it the other night and had a couple of pics snapped before we went out. Actually, around 20 photos were taken but only a few were acceptable for internet consumption. The human to alien ratio of me in photos is about 1:5…at best.

Rescued disaster dress

After wearing it for an evening out, I’m sorry I hadn’t worn it earlier…maybe I just needed some time away from it because its rescue operation gave me nightmares. It’s done now though, and it’s given me more enthusiasm for tackling the other horrors that are in my UFO box.

Shiny, shiny dress

The fabric looks mega shiny in these photos, but I don’t think (??) it’s this obvious in real life. I’m going to blame the camera flash. In reality the fabric is gorgeous and soft and yes, a little shiny but it’s much less “cocktail” looking than these photos seem to depict.

Up close and personal

Overall, I’m super happy that I persevered with this – it’s a cute dress, made with fabulous fabric and I got a stack of compliments when I wore it the other night – that’s always a score, right?



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