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I’m a country-turned-Melbourne girl, new to the world of stitching and all it entails.  I’m especially interested in vintage styles and have a growing collection of vintage patterns.  I have a job with very irregular hours, so I do most of my best work in the wee hours.


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  1. I was reading your last post, and when I saw “cracking the sads” I knew you were an Aussie!!! I am from Geelong (just down the road). I hope you know about the vintage fair that is coming up on the weekend of Sunday the 29th May. All I know is its in Ascot Vale. My friend saw an advert for it in the Age newspaper. Apparently they will have prizes for outfits etc. I believe it is on the whole weekend though – not just Sunday. I am going to make a 1946 day dress with emerald satin, and vintage emerald/gold buttons. I can’t wait…it will be nice to not get looked at oddly for what I am wearing – which happens a lot, as I walk down the street in full vintage attire.

    • I didn’t know about the Vintage Fair – thanks for letting me know! I’ll definitely be checking it out. Your planned dress sounds amazing! I hope you’ll blog about it…I’m looking forward to seeing it.

      I often get looked at strangely too, when out and about in vintage. I think it’s because they’re jealous they’re not rocking a classy and unique look! 😉


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