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Let me see your sushi roll*

While trawling through the interwebs a while back I came across the most genius idea for a scarf ever.  Ever!  A sushi roll scarf.  Of course I immediately wanted to make it and got to thinking who I could make it for.  My sister-in-law came to mind because; a) she would really appreciate something kitschy like this, and b) her birthday was coming up.  This is how my sushi roll scarf came to be.

Sushi roll


Sushi roll


How awesome is it?  I love it, and it was a big hit on the weekend when I gave it to the birthday girl.  It ends up being a very long scarf, but this is apparently a handy tool in the cooler months when trying to lure an attractive lad or lass into your proximity, or so the young people tell me…

I love the scarf, and am trying to think of other cool, cylindrical items that would be great in scarf form – I’m yet to come up with anything so if you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.  If you’d like a sushi scarf to call your own, I found the pattern here.

*To be sung to the tune of Let Me See Your Tootsie Roll by the 69 Boyz.  Every time I worked on this scarf I had this infernal song in my head, just with the word ‘sushi’ instead of ‘tootsie’.  Hopefully now you’re in the same hell I’ve been in for weeks.


Bits and pieces

So, once again it’s been forever since I posted and while I’ve been a little slack in the crafty realm, it hasn’t been complete slackness.  I’ve made a few gifts for some little people in my life.  Some friends recently had a baby girl and I really wanted to make her a small gift.  This turned into a sort of gift-making domino effect (as you’ll soon see).  I decided to make some gorgeous little shoes from Pip Lincolne’s book, Meet Me At Mikes.

I was given this book a couple of years ago, when I was just a fledgling sewist.  I love the little projects in the book and I’ve made quite a lot of them.  They’re not difficult and the instructions are very simple and clear and include really important steps such as ‘make yourself a cup of tea’ which I really appreciate and believe are necessary.  Pip also has a great blog – you should check it out.  Anyway, enough gushing – onto the shoes!

Aren’t they gorgeous and tiny?!

Once I’d completed the shoes, I realised that baby girl’s brother was about to turn two (domino effect begins) and I couldn’t post a gift to the new addition without a birthday gift for the little man, so I made him a mini pair of pyjama pants.

While the fabric part of this project was taken care of (leftovers from PJ pants for Dajarra a while ago) I had no pattern and no idea how small two year old children are.  Luckily I work with someone who has a two year old boy of their own and I asked to borrow a pair of his pyjama pants to make a pattern.  I couldn’t very well borrow his pants to make another boy some pants without making him some of his own, so enter the final part of the domino effect.  Pyjama pants #2.

I love this fabric – retro computer critters (I have no idea what they’re really called…or if they even have a name).  For some reason, while I can usually take-or-leave small children, I really love making things for them.

Onto project(s) #2.  I recently taught myself to crochet.  We’re travelling for a few months later on in the year and I couldn’t bear the thought of being craft-free while travelling, and while I can’t haul my sewing machine around Europe, I knew there would be something out there that would satisfy my crafty needs.  My  mind turned to crochet.  I became a little bit obsessed, even if my first attempts weren’t always successful.  Check these babies out:

They were supposed to be the beginnings to granny squares, but my counting always seemed off (Dajarra has helpfully suggested they could be crocheted nipple tassels…).  I couldn’t figure out how as I can usually successfully count within the single figures and it turns out I just wasn’t pulling them out enough – you can be rough with yarn!  Anyway, I finally got my head around it and have started a granny square blanket.

How ’70s is it looking?!  I have no idea to what purpose I’ll put it to, but I’m enjoying the process and crocheting these squares is a really lovely way to relax in front of the telly before heading to bed for the evening.  My new found love of crocheting led to my next ‘me-made’ gift; a scarf for a dear friend.  After scouring YouTube for someone who could teach me (via pre-recorded video) how to make a lovely scarf I found The Stingy Stitcher‘s Infinity Scarf.  It’s a great stitch and very easy to do once you get going.

I’m a bit of a slow learner, so after a few false starts (great thing about crocheting is that if you mess up you can easily pull it out again, unlike sewing where hours of getting-to-know-you time with a seam ripper is usually in order) I finally got on a roll and finished it up this week.

And here’s the always gorgeous Dajarra modelling it for us:

I usually don’t post gifts on here until they’ve been received, but I know she won’t read this so it’s okay this time around.  I hope she likes it!

And, finally, the dreaded pink dress I posted about last time.  I stated that I wouldn’t start a new project until I’d fixed it – I still haven’t finished it, but I keep telling myself that I haven’t cheated in my pledge to myself because I haven’t sewn any new items for myself.  That’s totally not cheating, right?  Right?  Anyway, I finally got sick of not being able to make any more new stuff for me, so after a few unsuccessful attempts at fixing it easily, I’ve come up with a new tack and should (hopefully) have the new and improved dress ready to show you soon.